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JEM using HubSpot CMS: Connecting Employers with Frontline Employees


Jem is a technology-driven company on a mission to revolutionize the way employers connect with their frontline employees, particularly those who do not work at a traditional desk. They recognize a significant gap in HR and Payroll technology for the deskless workforce and are dedicated to addressing this issue by creating innovative solutions to cater to the unique needs of frontline workers.

Jem stands as a pioneer in transforming Human Resources and Payroll operations, and focusing on the deskless majority, comprising 80% of the global workforce. This demographic, often overlooked in HR technology, spans diverse industries like manufacturing, retail, agriculture, and logistics. Jem’s vision is to bridge this technological divide by creating a comprehensive HR system tailored explicitly for deskless workers.

One of Jem’s standout features is its seamless integration with WhatsApp, a ubiquitous communication platform. Employers can instantly send payslips, communicate critical information, and eliminate loan requests via this widely accessible channel. This not only ensures speedy information delivery but also adheres to privacy regulations such as POPI.

Mission and Vision


Build The Ultimate HR System For Deskless Workforces, recognizing the specific requirements of the frontline workforce and providing a comprehensive HR system that matches the experiences of their office counterparts.


To bridge the technological gap for the deskless majority and enable employers to effectively engage and connect with their frontline workforce across various industries.

Key Objectives and Focus Areas

  • Addressing a Neglected Majority: Targeting the 80% of the global workforce categorized as deskless or frontline workers who have been historically underserved by HR and Payroll technology.
  • Product Expansion: Evolving from an earned wage access focus to developing a broader range of HR and Communications products tailored to the deskless workforce’s needs.
  • Financial Growth: Securing funding and investment to support the development and expansion of their product offerings.

Milestones and Achievements

  • May 2020: Initiated the mission to break the payday debt cycle and transform employee earnings access.
  • Dec 2020: Recognized as the top startup in Africa in the Future Of Work category at VIVATECH.
  • Sep 2021: Expanded ambitions to build products beyond earned wage access, emphasizing HR and Communications solutions.
  • March 2022: Successfully closed a $2 million seed funding round to finance future endeavors.
  • June 2022: Launched a new Payslips system, enhancing the HR product portfolio.
  • November 2022: Rebranded to ‘Jem,’ signifying a renewed focus and vision, emphasizing long-distance communication and connection with frontline workers.
  • March 2023: Selected for Google’s startup accelerator program, highlighting high potential in technology startups based in Africa.

The ‘Jem’ Branding and Name Origin

The name ‘Jem’ was derived from ‘Djembe,’ a well-known talking drum symbolizing long-distance communication throughout human history. It signifies the brand’s purpose of connecting the office with distant deskless employees, encapsulating their new direction and commitment to facilitating employer-employee communication.


  • Cape Town: 17 Queens Park Avenue, Salt River
  • Johannesburg: 25 Minerva Ave, Glenadrienne, Sandton
  • London: 2 Mexfield Road, London, United Kingdom

Key Features of Jem’s Innovative HR and Payroll Solutions

1. WhatsApp Integration

Jem revolutionizes HR and Payroll processes by seamlessly integrating with WhatsApp, enabling instant payslip delivery, loan request elimination, and critical information transmission for efficient communication.

2. Payslip Distribution
  • Instant Delivery: Employers can instantly send payslips via WhatsApp, providing a 10x faster alternative to traditional printing methods.
  • POPI Compliance: Ensures compliance with POPI regulations, safeguarding sensitive employee information.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces paper usage, contributing to environmental sustainability.
3. Earned Wage Access (EWA)
  • Financial Empowerment: Jem is South Africa’s leading provider of EWA, allowing employees to access a portion of their earnings before the scheduled payday.
  • Loan Administration Simplification: Streamlines loan administration processes for both employees and employers, promoting financial wellness.
4. Comprehensive HR System
  • Tailored for Deskless Workers: Addresses the unique needs of frontline workers across various industries.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Facilitates effective communication and engagement between employers and their deskless workforce.

In addition to real-time communication, Jem offers an Earned Wage Access (EWA) feature, empowering employees to access a portion of their earnings before payday. This financial flexibility reduces financial stress and enhances overall financial wellness for the workforce. Moreover, their rebranding to ‘Jem’ signifies a renewed commitment to their cause, focusing on connecting distant employees in a manner reminiscent of ancient long-distance communication through drums.



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