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EveryData – HubSpot CMS: Jamaica’s Leading Credit Bureau rebranding to reflect plans to dominate the big data market.

EveryData is a Jamaica’s Leading Credit Bureau that offers comprehensive credit reporting and risk management solutions to businesses worldwide. With a focus on digital onboarding, they provide advanced tools and services to facilitate seamless customer experiences and streamline critical processes. This project profile explores the key features and benefits of EveryData’s platform, highlighting their commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

Credit Reports and Scoring

At the core of EveryData’s offerings are their credit reports and scoring solutions. Their flagship product, the Credit Report Plus, is a comprehensive report that combines traditional credit information with AI-based credit scoring. It provides businesses with a detailed assessment of a borrower’s repayment capabilities and a record of previous and current loan repayments. By leveraging data from Credit Information Providers and analyzing inquiries made on a subject, EveryData equips businesses with valuable insights to make informed lending decisions.

Digital Onboarding and KYC

EveryData understands the importance of efficient and secure ID-checking processes. Their digital onboarding solutions employ sophisticated real-time verification methods, allowing businesses to quickly detect and prevent identity fraud, all while ensuring a seamless customer experience. By implementing advanced technology, EveryData enables businesses to verify customer identities without inconveniencing genuine applicants, thereby reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

Digital Lending Platform: LoanBox

Simplifying the loan application process is paramount for EveryData. Their digital lending platform, LoanBox, revolutionizes traditional borrowing by providing borrowers with a user-friendly and convenient way to apply for loans online. Eliminating the need for in-person visits to banks or lenders, LoanBox saves time and streamlines the entire lending process for both borrowers and financial institutions.

Advisor Batch Analytics

EveryData caters to the evolving needs of financial institutions by offering Advisor Batch Analytics, a powerful tool designed to enhance risk management processes and provide valuable insights. By scanning the credit bureau database and analyzing an institution’s portfolio, financial institutions can identify new marketing opportunities and optimize their collection efforts. Advisor Batch Analytics empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, thereby improving profitability and minimizing risk.

Benchmarking Market Insights

Understanding the market landscape and gauging performance relative to industry peers is crucial for businesses. EveryData’s Benchmarking Market Insights provide a comprehensive suite of reports, graphs, and statistics that enable businesses to assess their sales activity, delinquency rates, and overall market performance.

Credit Clearance Certificates

EveryData recognizes the importance of integrity clearance for public office jobs and pre-employment screening. Their Credit Clearance Certificates serve as clean bills of health for consumers, satisfying the requirement for integrity clearance. These certificates validate a consumer’s creditworthiness and provide peace of mind to employers and organizations that prioritize trust and accountability.

Monitoring Alerts

Staying informed about changes in customers’ credit statuses is crucial for effective risk management. EveryData’s Monitoring Alerts service enables businesses to receive timely notifications about changes in customer profiles. Monitoring Alerts contribute to enhanced risk management processes and drive confident decision-making.

Scoring Decision Engine IDM

The Scoring Decision Engine, also known as the Instant Decision Module (IDM), takes decision-making for financial institutions to the next level of efficiency, velocity, and reliability. By automating workflow and connecting with various information sources, the IDM simplifies the data gathering process and generates comprehensive and customizable reports. These reports include automatically calculated ratios, applied policy rules, recommended credit limits, and more, enabling financial institutions to make quick and informed decisions.


EveryData is at the forefront of digitizing credit reporting and risk management for businesses. Through their extensive range of solutions, including credit reports, scoring, digital onboarding, and analytics tools, EveryData empowers businesses to streamline their operations, make data-driven decisions, and ensure a seamless customer experience. Their commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and comprehensive insights makes them a trusted partner for businesses looking to optimize their credit management processes and drive success in an increasingly digital world.

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