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Autroized and Secured E-commerce

DevCopp helps your online business grow by providing you support and solutions that won’t break the bank. Our qualified e-commerce managing team can help you run all or part of your online trading channels.

Success for our clients is success for us; we are allies in this.

We prefer to be viewed as an extension of your company rather than just a supplier. To ensure your online business’s success, we provide strategic consulting services.

Digital marketing

All in one landing and startup solutions. Endless use-cases that make.

Smart Solutions

All in one landing and startup solutions. Endless use-cases that make.

Branding Strategy

All in one landing and startup solutions. Endless use-cases that make.

Ecommerce Consultancy Solutions

The categories listed below are just a few of the ones that DevCopp’s highly qualified consulting team can offer advice on to help you acquire a competitive edge.


We will offer internet security, which is essential for preventing hackers and cybercriminals from obtaining critical data.


To assist clients in achieving their objectives and resolving issues, our business consultant professionals will offer advice, information, insight, and recommendations.


First things first: global eCommerce is the sale of goods or services from the nation of origin of a corporation beyond geopolitical borders.


Our team of business strategists will create practical solutions to help your firm achieve its objectives and increase profits.


By formulating theories and doing research to confirm them, our eCommerce Strategist will respond to your instructions and unspoken demands.


E-commerce is the practice of buying and selling products and services online. We’ll aid in attracting, converting, closing, and retaining customers.


By establishing a distinct vision for the customer experience, identifying your target audience, developing an emotional bond with them, and obtaining real-time feedback from them.


The Operations Integration Manager collaborates with all levels of the business to promote information sharing and hasten the implementation of sector-wide strategic objectives.


To support and put into practice high-quality, data-driven decisions, our analytics manager will collaborate directly with you across product, sales, and marketing.

Welcome to DevCopp

We can provide you with the assistance you need to

  • Selecting the appropriate e-commerce technology and development for your organization. Improve user experience to make online shopping simpler.
  • Entice clients to buy by making recommendations that improve copy, design, and user experience.
  • Monitoring the percentage of carts abandoned throughout the checkout process and making suggestions for improvement.
  • Optimizing cross- and up-sells to raise average order value
  • Assessing the entire client experience to identify and prioritize customer points of contact that require improvement.
  • By using strategic planning and recommendations to increase conversion rates, one can increase average cart value and revenues.
  • Conversion-focused strategies and call-to-action features are being implemented on the website.
  • Preparing and putting into practice customized digital marketing plans that support e-commerce expansion.
  • We conduct a thorough examination of user behavior on webpages using programs like Inspectlet and heat mapping techniques.
  • Suggestions on how to gain more market share.
  • Recommendations based on benchmarking of the competition.
  • Analyzing and improving performance on a regular basis.
  • Intelligence and reporting from analytics.
  • Ideas for loyalty programs that raise client lifetime value.
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